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St Mungo's 1st Contest

1st contest is up over at hh_stmungos

Go play!

Contest Type: Graphics (they won't all be graphics ;) )

Contest Details:

1-Need fab layout,
2-icon, and
3-sig tag for people to put on their userinfo denoting membership to the community
4- Possible banner to use on header, friends-only-ish but for communities... says you have to join to post and we're fabulous? Be creative, go wild!

Points / Knuts: (For each category)
First: 50 pts, 20 knuts, MEGA BRAGGING RIGHTS
Second: 40 pts, 15 knuts, minimal bragging rights
Third: 30 pts, 10 knuts, a brief nod in your direction.

Participation -- no place: 10 pts, 5 knuts and a wedgie.

Deadline: Extended since this is so large. I'd like it to end on December 12th, 8am PST

Ideas/Requests: I've updated the userinfo to what the community is going to be about. Any medium is great.

Please submit your entries in the comments OF THIS POST (screened) to be voted on in a later post. Feel free to pimp the community and the contest to friends and House associates as this is the first of many contests and community activities to come!

Submission Format: (IMPORTANT)

*In the comment, please title which category you are submitting for, for example: 2-ICON

*The body of the comment should include the image, the url of the image, your lj username and house. NO sigtags. Keep it easy for me to tally and reference.

Other questions or concerns may be addressed at this post. Right now there are only a handful of submissions.
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