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Shameless Plug!

Hey there to everyone in all Houses!

Just dropping by to let everyone know that I have now added a "Gift Registry" to Disappear Graphics (a Hufflepuff shop) over at hh_flourish

I've changed the format of orders slightly so that you may not only order items for yourself, but for other students as well to give as Christmas gifts! The comments are screened, so that the recipient will not know that they are getting said gift! And, you don't have to just give gifts to students in your own house. You can also order gifts for students in other houses as well!

On delivery day, We will send our most trusted and faithful owl, Errol (errol_dsprgrfx) around to the different journals to inform recipients of their gifts awaiting in the shop. So, in case your journal is friends only, you may want to friend him, *wink wink*.

Thanks to everyone for your time in reading this!
B - Hufflepuff
Proprietor, Disappear Graphics
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