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who would've thought

There is NO HP club at school, because high school is horrible. Quite heartbraking, no? There is a Tolkien Club, but no Potter club. So here's where you guys come in.

HI. I'm waving right now but you can't see. My name is Lindsey and I would very much like to change my school. So I decided that I will be president of the Harry Potter Club (of whose real official name, like S.P.E.W., is currently pending, because I am not good with that). I need your help.

What should our purpose be, and what should we do while we're there? Teachers need concrete reasons and educational/beneficial support behind everything. Here are my ideas :

- Creation (because we all love showing off our stuff, don't we) :
knit scarves (and for those who can't knit, join the Knitting Club.) (Yes, the school has one.)
fanmag (for the graphic-inclined. rumors, art, fanfiction, movie tidbits, author bio, book quotes etc.)
- Education
research the meaning behind the names and spells
- Participation
- Information
those conferences (The Witching Hour, Nimbus 2006)
shameless plugging of HiH (oh yes.)
Fanfiction Recs (Draco Veritas, Shoebox, ?)
discussions (an online lj community, perhaps)
- Of course, the REAL reason : Field Trips
Trip to IMax Theater for GoF
Potter Parties at hosting houses
- And Goodies, for when the year ends
Bertie Bott's
Chocolate Frogs (from Barnes&Noble = trading cards omg)
trading cards

And yes, I went overboard, but you get the picture. I've been wanting to join one of these for so long but no one ever stepped up to it, so I decided to get my rear in gear and start something new. Something worthwhile. Something magical. Anyone have any ideas on things you would have liked to do/have done in a Harry Potter Live Community? It would be SO MUCH HELP. Thank you :D

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