February 4th, 2010

TW - Jack - help!


Hello all!

So, I had a massive rethink of the timezones page and I present to you:

Sas' amazing timezone thing

It tells you your current time, the current time in UTC.

More importantly it now also lets you enter a time and date in UTC and see it in your timezone, or enter one in your timezone and see it in UTC.

No more thinking is required!

If you feel it didn't live up to my H1 hype, tell me what you think can change :)
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Survey For All :D

Hey, guys! I have two different surveys for you. They're not long. If you don't feel comfortable answering a question, you can skip it. My sister and her best friend are doing this for their high school Psych class and they need to interview at least 100 people so I'm helping them out. If you could answer at least one (text boxes provided for your convenience ;D), that would be forever shiny! :D And if I'm not allowed to post this, mods feel free to delete it [^_____^] ...just let me know so that I know not to do it again [x_____________x]

If you could, would you genetically enhance your baby (think of the movie Gattaca)? Why or why not?

You're a high school senior. Your parents are willing to pay however much it takes for you to get into the college you want and they have plenty of money to spare. You sent in an application to your dream college and did interviews and everything that was required. You did your best on all of them. However, you were rejected. Would you use the money to bribe your way in or not? Why or why not?

I need the answers by this coming Sunday 9pm PST (time zone converter). I thank infinitely to everyone who responds.

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