December 3rd, 2009

hp; slytherin - eyebrows

Animagus Activity Open to all!

Activity: Layout Contest
Points: 60/50/40 points and 20/15/10 knuts for 1st/2nd/3rd. 20 points/5 knuts for participation only.
Deadline: Tuesday, December 15 @ 7 PM CST.

LAYOUT CONTEST TIEM!! ..Okay, but have no fear, no actual coding is required. Instead, we're only asking you to make the graphics. Sounds fair, right? :) Oh, and like last month, you do not have to be a Registered animagus to enter!

For this contest, we need a new header for both hih_animagus and hih_wilderness, and icons to go with. ( Full specifications here! )
TW - Jack - hands on management

Points are on their way....

Like I said, points are on their way and should be here in an hour or so, and then I'll go through my inbox and bugzilla.

Then you can comment here with issues and such? You might want to do that already? Idk.

ALSO, I'll be in houseunity on AIM for this evening for any questions or just any talking. Srsly. Anyone??