October 28th, 2009

Term xxxix

Guess Who? Order Sponsored Activity

Hello Hogwarts, and welcome to the first Order Sponsored activity this term! I'm so excited about this activity and I hope everyone out there will find some time to participate.

Week One: Submit a photo of your bedroom and/or a short MP3 voice post. Your pictures may not be larger than 1000 pixels in total. Mp3's can be easily made with www.vocaroo.com and then linked. It's really simple to do!
Week Two: All the photos and and MP3 links will be posted and the everyone will get a chance to see all the pictures and listen to the posts and guess which member each belong to.

Timeline: Photo and MP3 submission from today, October 28th to November 4th at 11:59 pm EST. Guessing which picture or mp3 belongs to whom will start November 5th and end November 12th 11:59 EST.

Points: Submitting a photo and an MP3 link are worth 5 points each. Every correct guess will earn you 1 point. The person who guesses the most correct will receive 10 bonus points.

For Voice Posts: There are no requirements for length, but I'd suggest making them 8-10 seconds at minimum to give everyone a fair chance at guessing. Feel free to give hints as to your identity in your voice post, but but please don't say what house you are in, your username, or facts about you that are really really obvious that everyone here would know.


Here's a textybox for you to use:
house; dirty thoughts

St. Mungo's Reminders

HEY HOGWARTS. There's a couple things going on at hh_stmungos which should be attracting your attention!

First, the Creature-Induced Injuries Ward only has three participants in our current activity - two badgers and a lion. Given that you just have to write a couple paragraphs about how not to get eaten, this is ridiculous! You do not need to be a member of the ward to participate, and registered Healers get an extra ten points. Go check it out! It ends this Friday at 9 PM CDT.

Next, the Artifact Accidents Ward is hosting a fun and not-too-difficult Scavenger Hunt. It's another easy 10 pts/5 knuts, and you don't even have to upload the images to your own server. XD Again, you don't have to be a member of the ward to play! Get to it! It ends Saturday at 1 AM CDT.

Finally, for an easy two points you can vote on the Phytopharmacology Ward's Poster Design contest. Get your votes in by tonight at 11 PM CDT!
hp; slytherin - eyebrows

Animagus Reminders!

Animagus Voting ends tomorrow night at 10 PM UTC (5 PM CDT). Given the poor turnout last batch, it would be awesome if we could get some last-minute votes and give the applicants some exciting choices! Since there are four applications, you have the chance to earn forty points and 12 knuts - it's the equivalent of placing second in a contest, and every single person in your house can earn it! You do not need to be a Registered Animagus, or even a member of the community, to vote!

So far we have 5 lions, 3 badgers, 2 eagles and 2 snakes. This makes me a sad fox. Go get voting! Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, you usually have a much better turnout than this.

My Look of Disappointment compels you!

For the Registered Animagi in the crowd, you still have several opportunities to earn points before the end of the month: Animagi at Halloween, Scavenger Hunt and Pack Fiction Voting. They all end this Friday. Have fun!

Interested in becoming an animagus? Read all about this simple and painless process here!