October 11th, 2009

Halloween:: Pumpkin light

House Unity Activity:: Hug A Hufflepuff

Hi, guys! Are you burned out from Hogsmeade and looking for some down time from graphics-making and/or drabble-writing? Well, your timing-challenged House Unity Mod sure hopes not! It's time for our second of four house recognition points-earning activities! I'm going to list the names of all of the Hufflepuffs listed on their common room's profile as comments to this post. Then, you can respond to those comments with little gifts- icons, drabbles, sigtags, etc- for five points each, with a cap of FORTY points!

Points: 5 per gift/ 40pts cap (8 gifts)
Deadline: 10/18/09 at 9pm EST/2am UTC

HUFFLEPUFFS: Feel free to comment to your username with your real name (for sig tags, etc). Also, I am turning off email notifications for obvious reasons. If you have a question or need me for any reason, DO NOT hesitate to PM me- I always answer back and never find it intrusive! :)