October 9th, 2009

Halloween:: Pumpkin light

Stamping Reminder:: Day 3

  • Fairytaleaddict- Patronus

  • Sanalith- Patronus

  • Munanna- Boggart

  • Wawwhite- Hybrid

  • Chocolatebomber- Boggart

  • Trivalent- Matchamker

  • Accountingwitch- Character Re-stamp

  • Tunnels_of_loce- Boggart

  • Senbonzakura77- Boggart

  • ppyajunebug-Regular Stamp

  • Munkymp3- Regular Stamp

  • Amorfati1013- Regular Stamp

  • Eowyn_rain- Boggart
  • has apparently deleted her app
  • Rideinthelimo- Regular Stamp

  • Huushiita- Regular Stamp

  • Landscapeheart- Regular Stamp

  • Scarletladyy- Boggart

  • Day One: HERE
    Day Two: HERE

    The slated drop for the next two days is 15 apps each day, but you still have today and most of tomorrow to get applications in if you're interested- cut off is Saturday at 10pm EST/3am UTC. Voting on apps continues until Sunday at 11pm EST/4am UTC.