October 8th, 2009

Halloween:: Pumpkin light

Stamping Reminder: Day Two

Okay, so I dropped apps a little bit earlier than I anticipated (I actually woke up at decent hour- surprise!), so you have extra time to vote! There are more apps today than yesterday because it's looking like there are might be more apps total than it looked like even yesterday (yay!). Anyway, here's your reminder for today:

  • DelorisPea- Hybrid

  • That_September- Regular App

  • AmberSolace- Regular App

  • Mandyloo- Matchmaker

  • Foukay- Regular App

  • Lunar47- Regular App

  • An_Ardent_Rain- Regular App

  • Dither_Spaz- Matchmaker

  • Sobitxx- Matchmaker

  • Wawwhite- Matchmaker

  • Shanima- Regular App

  • Miss_Padfoot- Regular App

  • MANBEARPIG! Chocolatebomber- Hybrid

  • ZestyZorra-Patronus

  • Lavinya_Sedai- Matchmaker

  • Sanalith- Matchamker

  • Whitestar_Alpha- Patronus

  • FairytaleAddict-Hybrid

  • Senbosakura77-Patronus

  • PotionMistressM-Patronus

  • Missed yesterday's reminder? It's right hurr.

    **Please remember that ANY member of hh_stamping may vote on the applications. You DO NOT need to be stamped to vote.
    **You MUST be stamped as a regular character before you may apply for any of the themes. Don't worry, the themes aren't going away for forever after this Hogsmeade. They're just going to be used in a more organized fashion (so we don't have a bajillion apps to vote on at once)!

    If you commented to one of the question posts, please don't think I'm ignoring you or being bitcht by doing this in a public post- I'm just really swamped with all of the posts right now, and I honestly can't find all of the responses to all of the different posts to answer them all! xxooxx