October 5th, 2009

cat's eye

Hogsmeade is coming!

In case you don't normally watch hogsmeadewkends, Hogsmeade is almost here!

Hogsmeade is this weekend, opening at 4 pm MDT/10 pm UTC this Friday, October 9. It continues all weekend, 24 hrs a day, until 11 pm MDT Sunday/5 am UTC Monday. During this time, Hogsmeade will be open to social posts (off topic or HP related, whatever) by ALL members. There will be friending memes and social activities galore, plus TONS of points-earning activities.

Announcements and Change in Bonus Structure

Tentative Schedule of Events

Are you a member? If you can see the schedule, then yes, you're ready! Make sure you have the right permissions, because most activities will be f-locked, and you don't want to miss out on the excitement! Watch hogsmeadewkends or make sure to drop in this weekend, because this will be the only announcement made to the main comm.

Also, I'm attempting to put together a comprehensive FAQ for Hogsmeade, but with the 18 zillion other things to finish before Friday I don't think it will be done until after this Weekend, so if anyone has questions, please ask away. (Or if there's anything you would like to make sure is included in the FAQ.) =D

Kimberly/Ravenclaw/Hogsmeade Mayor

In the vein of the non-drama social discussion posts.....


Uninvited credit goes to djmayhem_aubrey for this one: ;)

What is/are the most memorable fortune cookie(s) you've ever gotten? Funniest? Most profound? Most un-fortune-cookie-ish? Where were you and who were you with?

*evil evil mind of evil is now working* Has anyone ever offered a line of fortune cookie tags/icons? If so, how'd it go over?