September 30th, 2009

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You guys! I don't sleep for many hours a night! Srsly.


Points due by Thursday 1st of October 12 noon UTC

I didn't realise this month so short! You normally get more warning.

So, any problems with submitting the points, come tell me here, else you'll be fined for not submitting them :)
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House Unity Results:: Salute A Slytherin

Hey, guys! Here are the results for the first of our House Appreciation activities. I'm really glad that this was so successful, and that so many people went above and beyond the call of duty, making many, many more gifts than they were awarded points for. I know that in the grand scheme of things some of you think a drabble or a sig tag can't fix any problems, but I happen to be of the school that it's the little things that count.


Anyways... Here are your results:

**Edited because I accidentally added 5 of Ravenclaw's points to both their total and to Gryffindor's total and because I apparently felt the need to re-sort a Hufflepuff into Ravenclaw! XD

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So, Gryffindor goes for the tried and true spastic but enthusiastic "go get 'em boys" participation approach and falls just short, Hufflepuff proves that with hard work you actually can get stuff accomplished (who knew?), Ravenclaw puts in a respectable showing with some of their best graphics makers, and Slytherin sends in a sneak attack from a kinda MIA member! =D Great job, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the activity, 'cause Hufflepuff, you're on deck!

...And one more thing. The comments on this post are screened. Why, you ask? I just want to congratulate my house mates who hit the max!

That's the problem. I've been seeing it all over, and it's not my place to change it at the clubs or wherever, but it stops here. If you want to congratulate a winner or someone who did well at HOUSE UNITY from now on, you congratulate EVERYONE who won. But I don't know them, you say. Well, this is House Unity, and we're all here to make new friends, right? But I don't like them, you say. Well... you don't say that to me. House Unity- hell, UNITY period- is important to me, so we're all gonna get along. Or else. So be nice, k? :) All you really have to say is "Oh, wait to go Housemate X, and congrats to all the other winners!" See? Not hard. Easy peasy. Everyone's happy.

Also, if you notice any discrepancy with the points, please let me know if I missed anything. However, I will NOT be counting anything after 9PM EST sharp! Anything that was not on the page when I started checking at 9:05 will not count, but if I honestly missed it, that's another story!
TW - Jack - hands on management


Now remember, I don't like doing this :(

In regards to the recent drama, we've decided we're going to have to start docking points.

But first, I'd like to say all pranks, etc, need approval from Steph or I. This is how it was before, I'm not sure how I let it get out of hand. But yes. This include Gryff or Dare.

Now, to the deductions:

10pts from Hufflepuff for the drama-inducing post in the main community.
10pts from Slytherin for responding to drama and helping to keep it going.
50pts from Gryffindor for the thoughtless post and their responses to the drama.

Mindy will be staying as Quidditch mod. We feel she is competent and has learnt her lesson.

And that's the end of that. Any issues, please come see Steph and I.

Also, who's excited about tomorrow?? I am!

Also, come join us in houseunity on AIM, chatchatchatting away!