September 21st, 2009

TW - Jack - help!

Now, I'm not saying I'll do it...


Would anyone be interested in having a chat based on The System? Where people would need their system log ins to access the chat, could only use their nicks, other stuff I haven't thought of?

I've been eyeing some pseudo irc stuffs.

So, would people be interested? We'd keep a copy of the logs inorder to try and cut down on trouble.

Poll #1460177 Chat room?

So, should I look into doing one?

Yes, totally.
No, wth, must you attempt everyhting?
No, not now. We're fine as we are.
Yes, but maybe not in the form?
I will say other things in the comments.

ETA: The idea would be you can have other chats wherever you want and advertise them as you like, but there'd be a chat on the system, that you could connect to using any of the irc clients you like, or a webbased one on the system.

I'm not looking to replace what you've got, just introducing a safer, more monitored area for people to chat that might not feel comfortable elsewhere.