September 8th, 2009

TW - Jack - help!

Club & Order Mod

caketime needs a co-mod! Otherwise known as we need another clubs mod!

Apply here. Applications open for 3 days. Then voting if needed.

Clubs Mod
Duties: Responsible for keeping an eye on clubs, their activties, their posts, approving new club leaders, checking on activities for each of the club leaders, maintaining the clubs mods community, creating a weekly roundup of club activities, reminding club leaders when their registers need updating, managing tags, maintaining membership, maintaining their FAQ and keeping their userinfo up to date and neat. Although these activities will be broken down between all Clubs Mods.

ALSO your new Order Mod is weddingbeaches. Welcome her!
TW - Jack - help!

(no subject)

SO. Curiosity like.

Who'd be interested in a UK meet up? Just a small one?

Cause well, I live down in Brigthon and am free on weekends!

Anyone else about that's interested? (I SUSPECT THERE'S TWO OF US IN THIS PART OF THE UK, BUT THAT'S IT. I can be hopeful and would travel :))