August 7th, 2009

TW - Jack - hands on management

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Evening all!

Now, not to spring it on you, but I'm off camping (last minute thing, I'm being picked up, and well, yes, told to bring a sleeping bag). Anyway.

I'm going to approve activities pending, deposit the knuts, and if there are any issues then you've got until 3pm BST tomorrow for me to see to them (System issues, other ones can be handled by my lovely co-mod, Steph).

So. Yes. Approving and depositing now!

- sas x

p.s. silveredaccents, you're good to go, Steph has no problems, WB is yours :)

ETA: Points and knuts have been regenerated:

Gryffindor: 28,165
Hufflepuff: 20,290
Ravenclaw: 24,297
Slytherin: 27,295

Man. Where did they all come from???

Points & Knuts.

ETA2: I'm only off until monday, so it's not too long.

ETA3: On further consideration, it might be the shpadoinkle's point script. I suspect that may have been run between the two point generations. I can't quite recall last it run. Hm. According to the logs the Shpadoinkle's script, which for anyone interested takes all undeposited bought points in the system and deposits them, was run on the 6th, before I changed the submit dates, so it would have gone into the July activity when I regenerated. So, yes. A lot will be from there. Whoops.