July 27th, 2009

TW - Jack - help!

Things and more things...

Right! Hello!

Firstly, Points are due by 5pm BST (UTC+1) Saturday 1st of August.

This does mean that this weeks top sorted and such are fore *next* months, as the week ends on Sunday about here.

Also, I want you guys to start thinking if you'll be reapplying for your official positions as the applications will be going up somewhere about the beginning of the second week in August.

ALSO ALSO. The System! Well, more Diagon @ The System. I've updated things. I've redone the owned items page. Go see it.

I've also added custom messages, give me a while and we'll see about getting your old custom messages and names for your older animals up there. ALSO, animal names are optional, if you delete 'Name' and leave it blank then there won't be a name.

And again, missing items are coming, there are still more coming in.

Oh, and for those who like interesting bits, try using ?username=[yourusername]&shop=[shop name you'd like to view] onto the end of the owned items url if you jut want to view things from one shop :) it's just a shortcut for, well, club leaders? People on slow connections? Who knows, it was a minutes work to implement, so...

Also, *coughs* on an unrelated note, I need some volunteers for boring works for points. I'm more interested in accuracy than speed for this one. I really want one person, maybe two for this, email me, my email's on the userinfo. :)

Questions? Comments?