July 10th, 2009

[couple] proposed!

Paperback Swap Reminder

More than 25 of you said in the poll that you would be interested in participating in a paper book swap, but only 5 people have signed up. I'm going to try to accomodate everyone the best that I can but I won't be able to do that if there are only five people swapping. So please sign up if you're interested. It will only take a few seconds to leave a comment.
♥ Kat
Moana Lei Hush
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Stone Teams

Are you on a team to join the hunt for the Philosopher's Stone? register your stone teams here! You have until July 15.

You can join a team after July 15, if they have open positions. You cannot leave a team unless you are leaving HiH. Currently, there is only one open spot on one team. I don't like this, because new members will not have a way to join at all. Only one more member can join a team at all. (See hh_ordermod for current team listings).

For that reason, I am making a new team. We need more open spots. Comment to me here, there, anywhere to join the team, and please indicate whether you would be willing to captain or co-captain it.

All the tasks have been submitted, and I'm very excited about them! I think the number and difficulty is about right. If you meant to submit one and haven't yet, though, I'll still accept late ones for a day or two. (We need time to proofread them, decide the order, etc.)

Super thanks to jethros_mom for being my moral support and proofreader!