July 5th, 2009

[HP] Luna Believe

Paperback Book Swap!

Wow! Many of you liked the idea of a paperback swap, so I thought I'd plow on ahead with it. I'm going to give until Thursday, July 16th to sign up.

Please fill out the following form. Comments will be screened to protect your identity. Please make sure you have lj messaging enabled. If not, please include an email or other way to get in touch with you privately.

As far as the number of books goes, no one is expected to send more than one book out. However, a few people posted in the comments that they had more than one to send. Also, please do not say you have more to give away if you do not intend to send them.

I will try to accomodate you if there is a particular genre or type of book you would prefer, if someone is offering it out. Although surprises can be nice, too! I included this bit just to make myself crazy, me thinks.

Where you are willing to send your books to matters. You may list specific countries, or simply say your own country and/or neigboring countries, continents even, or just say anywhere (which would make my life easier!). Please try to be as specific as possible.