July 4th, 2009

TW - Gwen - Red lips

June Points!

You know, one of these months, I'll get back to doing these on time. I was kinda half hoping to announce two things at once, but the other's taking a bit longer than I thought. You'll get that one soon though.


Gryffindor: 19,990
Hufflepuff: 13,293
Ravenclaw: 13,587
Slytherin: 24,319

Which brings the overall totals to...

Slytherin: 47,169
Gryffindor: 37,281
Ravenclaw: 26,982
Hufflepuff: 24,833

WOW. Way to go guys!! Come on Puffs and Claws, challenge them!! :D

Knuts & Points.

Oh, and for anyone who might want it: Activity list for June.

Also, I want to thank everyone, as that was the easiest I've *ever* generated them. Baring anyone saying, 'so and so is wrong'. I had to correct nothing. That's never happened before. The activities that are listed without points are, as far as the system is showing me, ones that ran over a month. So. Well. Yes.

Well done guys.

(Also: outstanding issues, I'm going to work through my inbox tonight, if anyones got an outstanding issue and doesn't receive a reply within 12 hours, email me again.)