July 2nd, 2009

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Paperback book swap??

Today I made a post in my journal asking if anyone would be interested in a paperback book swap. I recently cleaned out my bedroom and discovered that I have over a hundred books and not one bookcase. I have participated in online book swaps before via other websites, but what could be more fun than swapping books with the community I love?

I know money is tight. I know shipping is a pain. But I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be interested. If there's enough people participating, I would do my best to accomodate people who'd prefer to swap with people in their state/province or country only. But that's only if there's enough people interested.

So please fill out my poll. You know you want to. Feel free to leave comments too. Once enough interest is generated more posts will follow.

Poll #1424238 Paperback Swap?

Would you be interested in participating in a paperback swap?

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HBP theater finding help

Hey you guys! So I'm on vacation in San Francisco for the next few weeks and I need some help finding a good place to see the Half Blood Prince movie. I don't know anything about movie theaters in this city, so if anyone knows a good one to go to where people would dress up, I'd really appreciate the info. I'm staying downtown, so preferably something I can take a bus to or such that a taxi wouldn't be obscenely expensive. Thanks!