May 13th, 2009


Term XIV Debate for May

HiH Debate

Term 14 Debate: May

Hello! Welcome to the first debate of Term 14. I’m Samantha, your debate leader (and I am super excited). Thank you for voting for me if you did. And whoever ran against me, I want to know who you are so I can steal your ideas. :D For my first debate, I’m using one from my application. Good luck. Have fun. Debate hard.

TOPIC: The Romance of Harry Potter: So there’s not a whole lot of it, correct? Well, let’s analyze what’s there, and what these romances say about romance in general, and also why they exist in the series. Harry/Ginny, for example; why did JKR decide to include this little romance? Severus/Lily; this tragedy held some symbolism, right? Or was it simply to humanize the grump that is Severus Snape? (All CANON pairings are allowed [this will include Albus/Gellert]. However, I will not accept Sirius/Remus, Draco/Harry, or any other pairings that are not expressly designated in the series as legitimate couples, sorry!)

Sides: There will be no set sides for this debate. Go crazy.

General Rules and Conduct:
• All replies to the debate should be posted as a comment to THIS post.
• Your comment must be ON-TOPIC to count for points.
• All comments must be a minimum of 3 sentences long in order to receive points.
• If the debate calls for you to take a certain side, you must adhere to that side to receive points.
• If any drama arises, do NOT respond. Please contact me immediately. If need be, I will freeze comments. Please don’t make me do this. It makes me sad. So try and be on your best behaviour.
• Please sign ALL comments with your name and your house to receive points.

Schedule: Debate starts now May 13 [4:50 PM (GMT+10)] and the debate will end on May 20 at 4:50 PM (GMT+10).

Points: Your first comment will reward you with 10 points/5 knuts. Any and all on-topic comments made afterwards will reward you with 2 points/1 knut apiece. As for the Top Debater, they will receive an extra 30 points/15 knuts as a extra super snazzy and special reward.

Contact/Suggestions: If drama arises and I am not around to see it, please let me know. You can contact me through PM and/or a comment to my personal journal. I am also available through e-mail (samantha_fictitious [AT] y7mail [DOT] com).
If you have a suggestion for the next debate, feel free to drop me a line as well. I am open to suggestions. After all, I want you to participate, right? ♥

Samantha|Slytherin|Debate Leader