April 22nd, 2009

animals; me and sara HEEH


We have zero entries for the current activity. I know you're all exhausted from Hogsmeade, but come on! Put in a final push before the end of term! You have until Sunday to come up with something, so GO ENTER! At this rate, entering at all will get you first place. :P

(If you're not an Animagus but are curious, it's easy to become one! Just check out hih_animagus!)
TW - Jack - help!

Officials Positions!

azsxdfghjkl that's what's missing!! Ooops, sorry guys!

Right, point one. Term dates:

Week 1: 30th Mar - 5th Apr
Week 2: 6th Apr - 12nd Apr
Week 3: 13th Apr - 19th Apr
Week 4: 20th Apr - 26th Apr
Week 5: 27th Apr - 3rd May

Points will be due by Monday 4th May 5pm BST (UTC+1)

Second point:

Officials applications will be up shortly. Remember guys, if you want to keep your position you need to reapply and hope you win the voting bit. Club leaders need not reapply, but everyone else needs to!