April 17th, 2009

SoA: Jax Teller

And We're Off!

hh_stamping is once again open for business! The first batch of applications have been dropped for this weekend's stamping and are waiting for your votes. If you vote on all of the applications (and you own house robes from Madam Malkin's) you can earn 167 points!. With the House Cup race as close as it is, this is a huge opportunity!

A Few Quick Reminders:
~* You must be a member of hogsmeadewkends before I can approve your membership at hh_stamping.
~* Please only vote using the Stampable Characters List.
~* Register your Robes for up to 15 extra points.
~* The application queue is completely full, so please wait until after you see me post giving the go-ahead to start submitting applications again.

See you at the stamping!