April 2nd, 2009


Diagon Alley Update!

This month's deposits are now complete and all of the shops have been restocked. Everyone please take a couple of seconds to double check your vault balances and items owned to make sure that everything is accurate. If there are any problems, please leave a comment to THIS entry and let me know.

The following members have not yet reserved their vaults:
*has been on this list before
If your name is on this list, please reserve your vault before April 30, or you will lose your knuts.  If you have recently changed your user name, please let me know so I can update the lists.

Some Reminders:

As you're purchasing items, please double-check your balances before placing an order. If you don't have enough knuts to fill the order, you won't receive the item and your balance will be set to -5 knuts until the next time knuts are deposited.

A couple of people asked about purchasing items as gifts for other members.  I'm posting this here just as a reminder, as only items offered at the Street Vendor can be purchased for others.  All other items must be bought for oneself.  I hope that clears up any confusion there may be on the matter.  :)

Top Items from March:
March was a busy month for the shops.  Our top-selling items were:
  • Ollivanders Wands - Poetrell
  • Magical Menagerie - Silver Tabby Cat
  • Madam Malkin's - Dragonhide Gloves
  • Flourish & Blotts - Books 042 (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and 043 (One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi)
  • Eeylops' - Eagle Owl 01
  • Apothecary - Crystal Ball
I expect that some of these, especially the gloves and the books, will be hot sellers again this month, so get your orders in before stock runs out!

Street Vendor:
One gift was purchased from the Street Vendor this month.

Chocolate Frog with a HARRY POTTER! card
To: Sara (slytherati) of Slytherin
From: Kai (slyfoxesq) of Slytherin
Message: For the Harry to my Draco. <3

All other orders from the Street Vendor were personal purchases and have been filled.  :)  Please check your items owned to make sure that everything is correct.
TW - Jack - help!

March Points

Month totals:
Gryffindor: 13,776
Hufflepuff: 11,319
Ravenclaw: 17,231
Slytherin: 19,848

Bringing the overall totals to:
Slytherin: 49,177
Ravenclaw: 48,699
Gryffindor: 44,627
Hufflepuff: 39,004


Points & Knuts.

the_gubette, why all the resubmitted activities? What's happening?

daisyfawhn, when submitting music club points, please enter the name of all the people who took part in the relevant section. I mean to say this every month, but keep forgetting. If you're not sure what I mean, just ask.

lovestyle, if a member is reapplying to HiH through the sorting process, make sure you edit their old record through the 'edit member' function and just unmark 'left hih'.