January 17th, 2009

TW - Jack - help!


Hey guys,

Listen, I'm going to go and make some changes to the System and work on guides for the next little while instead of answering all the emails. I've got the smallest bit of time when I'm too tired to work on uni stuff but too awake to sleep, so this is my *aim* for this evening.

- page that shows which activities are currently awaiting clarification, approval, points to be submitted, for the whole community to see
- search page so people can find any activity
- monthly scripts through the site, not through the db
- permanent way to delete a member from the db
- write a guide to using the system
- tidy up other guide

So, you're all going to have to wait on emails, and responses to things, I think the changes to the system should stop some of the emails I receive, so *fingers crossed*