December 17th, 2008

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Create an Icon for House Unity Contest Reminder

Entry #2

There is a contest that is going on, which is to make an icon for House Unity. The contest will be going on til Friday, December 19th at 6:00pm EST.

You can enter 1 icon.

Here is how the points will be awarded:
1st/2nd/3rd/Participation Only: 50/40/30/10 points & 20/15/10/5 knuts, respectively

Good luck and most importantly have fun. :)

If you have any question and/or comments not hestiate to ask.

All comments will be screened.
Oh and of course please sign your entry with your name and house.

Thank you!

To enter the contest please go to this link:
devils_sidekick - me smiling

House Unity - Happy Holidays Activity

Entry #2

I am sorry to say that the House Unity Holiday Card Exchange is cancelled, unfortunately we didn't get enough people for it. I sent out a holiday card to everyone who signed up, so that everyone would get something. Again I am very sorry about the cancellation of the Holiday Card Exchange.

So instead of that activity, I am going to try something new with everyone.
It is going to be a combination of different things.

A combination of:
Secret Santa (well not really a secret)
Virtual Gift/E-card Exchange
Card exchange

A House Unity Activity that everyone can participate in, without a middle man.

I am going to set up a form for everyone to fill out. You can give out your email address if you want and/or give out your address. Or if you feel more comfortable have people message you for your information.

Do what you want, send out snail mail, e-cards/virtual gifts, graphics and/or whatever you want to your fellow HIHers. Wish each other Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!! Most importantly get to know people.

Just remember have fun with it.

Comments will not be screened, so everyone will be able to interact with each other.


Contest up!

After a slight (ever so slight!) inactive month there's a new contest up! It's bingo, and loads of fun. Points are: 1st place gets 10 points/20 knuts, 2nd place gets 10 points/15 knuts, 3rd place gets 10 points/10 knuts, participation gets you 10 points/5 knuts.

Get yourself (or your friends!) something for Christmas with the money you could win! Check it out. Deadline's on the morning of the 18nth (I change it I WANT MORE PEOPLE PLEASE!!!).