December 4th, 2008

devils_sidekick - me smiling

House Unity Activity - I NEVER!

Entry #2

This activity was origionally done by abusing_sarcasm during the House Unity Slumber Party. It was received so well, that I decieded to bring it back.

The instructions are from the origional post.

Here's how it works: Leave a comment with a statement that begins with "I never..." This should be a TRUE statement. However, it should be something you think other people HAVE done. Because you want to make them take shots. :p Now, since we're online and have no real alcohol, we'll have virtual shots that look like this: *shot*

So... Example time!

You leave a comment that says "I never traveled outside my home country," or "I never owned a dog," or "I've never worn a thong."

If I HAVE done it, I comment to your comment saying *shot*

If I haven't done it, I can skip that question.

This way, we get to learn a lot about each other and hopefully have a giggle! :p

I'll get it started below...
TW - Jack - help!

Just a warning

I'm actually going to

let this term run until the 4th of January


This gives everyone time after christmas to get their points in, etc, etc and it gives us an extra week of sorting points!

So, lets all get ready for this guys.

Don't forget officials applications will be going up in about two weeks, they'll be the icontest and lots of other fun things!

- sas x