November 15th, 2008

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Order Sponsored Community Wide Game

Welcome to The Order Sponsored Game, Werewolves!. This is a fun game that we will be hosting for everyone to play. It is quite easy, but the rules do look complicated upon first glance. There are many versions of thisgame, including at-home versions as well as interactive online versions. Depending on the amount of people who sign up to play, we will have a few games going at the same time so things do not get two complicated.

The object of the game is quite simple: stay alive. On the surface, everyone will insist they are the same, but at the start of the game, people will be given different roles. These roles are secret. Some of them may even have special powers. Among the students of Hogwarts, there will be two Werewolves lurking: trying each night to get rid of the students, or even turn the students into one of their own. Unbeknowest to the werewolves, not everyone on the students sides are actually students. Many of them have secret powers that can be used to protect or reveal the students.

To win the game, the students must kill all of the Werewolves. If not, the werewolves will win if they outnumber or tie the students in number (like 1 to 1). The rules, however, will seem quite complicated, but I assure you we have made certain that everything is very specific and easy to understand.

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Did you read all that? Good. Sign up here:

ETA: You must be signed up by Monday Night to play.