November 2nd, 2008

Lions Roar In Bed

Slumber Party Activity - Sardines

THE WINNER IS:            

darthsarah  of Slytherin!!!

With the awesome movie: Mean Girls

Thank you all for participating! :)


The Rules:

Players: If you would like to play comment to this post with a favorite movie. Pick one that you think everyone else will like. Please end the comment with name//house

Commenters: If you like the movie listed reply to the comment with Me Too!! You can comment to as many movies as you like, but be honest! Even if you are playing, please remember to comment on other movies that you like. The more comments the better!

How To Win: The person with the MOST COMMENTS wins! So pick a movie that everyone will like so that you can win! I will reveal the winner  after Nov. 2, 4:00PM EST

Remember, this is a short window of time so run!!!

P.S. (My post in an example, I will participate but I will not be in the running for the win!)

Elizabeth//Gryffindor and Samantha-Hope//Slytherin

Lions Roar In Bed

Slumber Party Activity - Sardines 2


With 105 comments (if my math is right) djmayhem_aubrey  from Slytherin is the winner!!

Samantha-Hope has agreed to make the winners for Sardine 1 and Sardine 2 sig tags, so keep a look out for them. Thanks for playing everyone!!!


I'll be posting the winner as soon as I tally them all up! Thanks for participating everyone :)

Sardines 1 is over! We have a winner my friends,

darthsarah of Slytherin won for nominating the awesome movie Mean Girls!

But that was just one round of Sardines. Now comes Round 2!!!!


Here's how it works:

I will list all of the movies nominated over at Sardines 1. You have until 10:00pm EST  today (Nov. 2 - Sunday) to comment with as many quotes from each movie as you can. The person who comments the most with actual quotes from the films wins. You can comment as often as you like but the quote must be at least a memorable quote (ie I can look it up) and it must be at least a sentence. (so no cutting up the quote into single words!) You are not allowed to repeat quotes, so if someone beat you to your favorite quote move on.

Please comment under each movie you are quoting with the movie's name in the title and your name//house

Have Fun and quote away!!!

Elizabeth//Gryffindor and Samantha-Hope//Slytherin

devils_sidekick - me smiling

A Special Invite to the Newly Sorted Members of Hogwarts is Home

I would like to welcome all the new members of Hogwarts is Home and to invite you to the House Unity Slumber Party. The party will end on Monday, November 3rd at 12 noon EST.

You only have to be a member of the main community to participate in the many wonderful activities that are up to get to know your fellow HIHers.

So just come to hogwartsishome, scroll down a little and participate in the many wonderful activities.

Just one thing when you leave a comment, please put your name and house so others would be able to get to know you better. Like this: name//house

Deborah//Hufflepuff :)