November 1st, 2008


Slumber Party Activity - Three Truths and a Lie

I'm fairly sure that this game has been played once before, so you might already know how it works, but I LOVE this game so we're playing it again. XP

Post a comment here with THREE TRUTHS AND ONE LIE about yourself. Others will respond to your comment and GUESS which one is the lie.

I recommend that you don't answer any of the guesses at least until all four have been guessed, but it's up to your judgment. Remember that if you answer one question telling someone they're wrong, strategists like me will use that information to narrow down which one is the lie! :D

Slumber Party Actiivty - Twenty Questions

Ok, now for a game of twenty questions. 


Comment with Participate if you want to play and I will give you either a food, activity or an item that you would find at a slumber party.  You will have twenty yes or no questions to guess what it is.


I hope you have fun!

I'm not accepting any new players at this stage but will honour those of you still guessing.



Slumber Party activity: Halloween story A-Z

The school has specially requested you to write a story about Halloween at Hogwarts. Here's the catch. The sentences must be in alphabetical order.

For example:

A boy was spotted stealing sweets from a younger girl.

Bill Weasley saw this and punished the boy.

Carrying fifteen baskets in each hand, the boy was forced to dance around the room singing a ridiculous song

Yeah, it's a silly example, but I hope you get it.

Let's begin then!

devils_sidekick - me smiling

Slumber Party - Activity Round-Up #1

Thank you everyone for participating in the Slumber Party.   Thank you to our volunteers for posting so many wonderful activities for everyone to participate. 

We still have the following activities open and others will be opening soon.

NanoWrimo - sponsored by Jess
Mash - sponsored by Ella
Pictionary - sponsored by Iratxe
Three Truths and A Lie - sponsored by Annalisa
I Am Like You!! - sponsored by Iratxe
Halloween Story A-Z - sponsored by Rebecca
Let's Invite A Star Guest! - sponsored by Sally
Twenty Questions - sponsored by Mel
Pillow Fight!! - sponsored by Ella
Fanon RP Frenzy - sponsored by Jess
Harry Potter Mad Lib - sponsored by Annalisa  *HURRY UP!!!  ACTIVITY ENDING SOON!!*
HP Universe Best Friend - sponsored by Deborah
What Are You Afraid Of?? - sponsored by Elizabeth and Samantha-Hope
Hogwarts Halloween Theme RPG - sponsored by Maaike
I Never! - sponsored by Camden
Quickfire Stamping - sponsored by Jess
Show Your PJs! - sponsored by Sally
Friending - sponsored by Jess
What Custome Did You Wear This Halloween? - sponsored by Rebecca
SQUEEEE! - sponsored by Elizabeth and Samantha-Hope
Truth or Dare?? - sponsored by Iratxe

Slumber Party Activity - Personality Typing!

[Note: please finish off the Mad Lib so I can post the hilarity! It's already making me giggle.]

Do you know what your MBTI type is? If not, you can take a test to find out here. How about your Enneagram number? If not, take this quiz.

Then look up the traits for each type, come back here, and tell us which you think most describe you. This is like scientific Sorting, and I loves it. See what you have in common with other people, too!