October 31st, 2008

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House Unity Activity - Slumber Party

Entry #2

Welcome to the 1st House Unity Slumber Party. The aim for this activity is to get to know each other and to have fun.

Starts: Now
Ends: Monday, November 3rd 12noon EST

Oh by the way guys it this is a 74 hr slumber party. :) This is a world wide community, so it's always night somewhere. :)

A few rules:
- Only people that I have already set up as volunteers can post activities.
- Volunteers please make a new post for your activity please. I am sorry for all the confusion.
- Please comment to the comment thread, if you accidently start a new one, please just delete it and try again. :)
- Please comment with your name and house.

If anyone has any questions feel free to send me a message, leave a comment in my journal, or email me at: devils_sidekick347@hotmail.com
Lions Roar In Bed


A Slumber Party is just not complete without a discussion about cute boys and girls!!!!

So in true Hogwarts Fashion let's talk about our favorite cute actors invloved with the Harry Potter films!

Are you a Daniel Radcliffe groupie? Love to stalk Emma Watson? Total fangirl for Gary Oldman?

Tell us about it! And include pictures for us all to drool over!!!

Activity will continue until the end of the slumber party!

Have fun, and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Elizabeth//Gryffindor and Samantha-Hope//Slytherin
devils_sidekick - me smiling

Activity - Friending!

I am posting this on the behalf of rhye

I get a little tired of the same old same old friending questions, so I thought of some new ones. Fill this out as a comment and find yourself some friends, yeah?


Slumber Party Activity - Harry Potter Mad Lib! :D

Here's the deal. I've taken 50 words out of a section in one of the Harry Potter books, and it's your job to fill in the blanks!

1. You may only take two words. They do not have to be in numerical order.
2. Put the NUMBERS of the words you've taken in the subject line of your comment so that people can see which are taken even if I haven't gotten a chance to strike it out on the list yet.
3. I'm not making rules about the content, but um. Remember that creative words can be just as silly as dirty ones? XP
4. Have fun! The more people that participate, the faster you'll see the result. :D

Collapse )

I apologize in advance if I have made any mistakes, I'm running on very little sleep. I will be sure to let you know immediately so that you still get to choose two words. Have at it! :)

Lions Roar In Bed


Get out your flashlights and cuddle with the nearest Teddy Bear, beause its time to discuss what scares us the most!

Scared of spiders? Afraid of a ghost underneath your bed? Crazy clowns coming to get you?

Tell us!

And be prepared to scream!!!!

Elizabeth//Gryffindor and Samantha-Hope//Slytherin
(proving that snakes and lions can still be ljbff's)
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Slumber Party Activity; Hogwarts Halloween Theme RPG

Hogwarts Halloween Theme RPG

Here is how it works;

  • You play YOURSELF in a Hogwarts Halloween themed role-playing-game.
  • You may respond to anyone and everyone's comment, start a new thread or comment to someone else's. You may not respond to your own comment.
  • You may only include others who have posted over here as well.
  • You are allowed to make it as freaky, weird, silly and awesome as possible :D


    -x- Maaike, Ravenclaw
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    OK, everyone, let's play. My activity is this - Pin the Tail on the Hippogriff.

    Here are the rules:


    First download this picture – yes, it’s a blank background, but it measures exactly to a picture of the Hippogriff in question. 


    Using MS Paint, or something similar, mark a dot where you think the Hippogriffs tail will be.  Be sure to use the standard paint brush size, so that we can see the dot clearly.


    Rename the picture with your name or nick and then comment with the link – posts will be screened, so nobody but the mod and the volunteers will be able to see them.


    Once all the participants have finished, the one closest to the predetermined spot on the background picture will be declared the winner

    Activity will run until Midnight tonight!