October 29th, 2008

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Happy Hallowe'en~!

OMG! Who's excited for Halloween??


And me. :) I know we talked a lot about Halloween plans at Hogsmeade, but I'm curious to hear about it some more. :D Feel free to answer any or all of my queries. :)

* What are you going to be? and/or What have you been in the past?
* Are you going out or to a party?
* Do you have work plans as well as evening plans?
* What candy are you looking forward to gorging on the most?
* Do you have any traditional goodies that you make? Care to share the recipe? :)
Angel - Lindsey - Well shit

Points Reminder!

I didn't even see the end of the month approaching.

All October points must be handed in by 5pm GMT Sunday 2nd of October

This is because my mum's visiting me on Saturday and I've left the reminder so late again.

Any questions can be asked here, and any problems should be raised here. Anything I told people to remind me about should also be pointed out here. You know how my memory is.