September 17th, 2008

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Hey all, as usual the quality is a bit compromised in the screenshots because of the sheer size of the files if I hadn't.

Anything people don't like in layouts can be rememedied if it wins, well, if enough people think it a problem, therefore comments screened.

Click to see bigger versions.

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Voting open until Friday the 19th of Sept.
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House Unity Banner Voting

We have 15 amazing entries to vote on. Thank you everyone who entered the contest, your banners are great and I am very honored to receive them, I wish we can use all of your banners but unfortunately we can't. So now we have a very hard job ahead of us, we have to pick the banner for us to use in our House Unity posts. Voting starts now and ends on Sunday September 21st at 9:00 EST and you get 2 points for voting.

Voting will be until: Sunday, September 21st, 9:00pm EST

Remember that you get 2 points for voting! Please vote for your favorite 3 and do not vote for yourself.

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