June 2nd, 2008

devils_sidekick - me smiling

Getting to know you

Thank you to everyone who answered my last post. It was great reading all the answers. I saw that a lot of you guys want to meet people from other houses and to help your house win the house cup.

Now I can't really help you too much on the 2nd one if you aren't in my house but I can try to help with the 1st.

Also a lot of people said that they would like to get active in HIH. That is something that we will be working on and we'll have fun with that. One of the best ways to be more active is to participate in activities and sorting, that was one of the ways I became more active in HIH.

Well, anyway...I think we should try to have a friending meme. I have made a lot of friends in doing these and I think this will be great for us.

You know the drill, just fill out the survey and comment to this post.