May 29th, 2008

TW - Jack - help!

More Points Reminders!

Now, I'm well aware not all of these might be finished, but these are activities that haven't had their points submitted that end in this month (possibly start, so if there's run over they might have been accidentally included if so give me a heads up and I'll remove them from this list)

Astronomy Club: Bunny's Clues!
Charms Club: Charms Search
Daily Prophet: May Activity
Daily Prophet: May Submission Points
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Banner Challenge
Diagon Alley: May Points Bought
Divination Club: Divination Forms
Flourish: Shop Points May
Gryffindor: Top Sorters May Week#1
Gryffindor: Top Sorters May Week#2
Gryffindor: Top Sorters May Week#3
Gryffindor: Top Sorters May Week#4
Herbology Club: Code-Breaking Puzzle
Hogwarts Icons: May Week#4
Hufflepuff: Monthly Contest
Hufflepuff: Text and Image Contest
Hufflepuff: Top Sorters May Week#4
Insomniacs: Insomniac of the Month
Insomniacs: Monthly Contest #2
Insomniacs: Weekly Scavenger Hunt #4
Music Club: Caption Contest
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting May Week#4
Potions Club: Create a Potion
Potions Club: Potions Anagrams
Ravenclaw: May In-House Contest
Ravenclaw: Top Sorters May Week#4
Sorted Challenge: Challenge #1
Sorted Challenge: Challenge #2
Sugarquill: May Totals
Text Contest Leader: Deathly Hallows Mad Libs
Transfiguration Club: Transfiguration Hurt and Heal Game
Writers Block: May Prompt

See, this is why I get worried about people and submitting points :)
TW - Jack - help!

That reminds me...

The System

Fixed the editing section of the system last night, all except for Gryffindor points. Working on that one still.

Also, now the filter settings are in a completely different section and they work a lot lot lot better now. No longer any need to log in and out and have things incorrectly reflected on some pages.

But, here's the point, is there anything anyone would like in the system? Any improvements on an existing area, any added functionality, anything really. I won't say I'll do it, but if it's within my scope and it's possible, I'll try.

Just feel free to reply here with suggestions. This also includes things not necess. on the system, but relating to it as well.