May 28th, 2008

TW - Jack - help!

Points Reminder!!

Hello all!!

Just a reminder that points must be in by: 5pm BST (GMT+1) Sunday 1st June.

It's my housemates birthday so if there are any major problems in the submitted points then I won't be able to sort them until the 3rd, however, if people hand in everything exactly how they're supposed to, we'll have the points generated on the 1st. That's why I'm urging you all to ask me any questions you need to. If you're unsure, just ask, please don't guess as the guesses, however well meant, take longer to correct.

Really, I don't mind questions, I just want to get the points out to all of you as early as possible! :)

So yes, ask away!!

- sas x

(Also, layout contest up later tonight or tomorrow, sorry! I hate not having an actual contest and had to wait on one extra entry to bring the grand total up to two. People have til 6pm BST tomorrow to get any last minute entries in!)
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Just another points update

Hey, these are the activities that I've found problems with so far:

Charms Club: Create a Banner! - Why are there knuts listed next to each name? Clubs don't award knuts.

Shutterbug Society: Banner Contest - Missing points? Puff and Claw appear to have earnt no points despite their participants?

Sorters Anonymous: Activity #1 -Star Wars sorting - Why aren't individual member names listed?

Also, there are no Gryff or Slytherin top sorter points yet, you guys ok for submitting them?

- sas (trying to keep on top of the points this month)