May 11th, 2008


HiH Animagus Banners for batch #158-#167

hih_animagus now have had two batches of animagi:
hot_radcliffe, yinepu, zestyzorra, introject, xfortytwo (NEW CO-MOD WOOO!), graveofdreams, fr0mthepast and medraxellion!

After 2 months of waiting and a new term I've got the banners! (I'd understand a grudge.) I hope they're worth the wait, and if not well- um, have some e-love? They can also be used as signature tags, so 2 in 1. I love functionality.
If you don't like them or they have a mistake in them, please don't be shy to point it out. If you want a different picture don't hesitate to give me one, either. I'll try to fix the banners asap.

Welcome to the animagus community and we hope to see you being active! >;D

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And everyone who isn't in the animagus community yet, what're you waiting for? Check this post for further information on how to join us!

Your friendly hih_animagus co-mod,
Mia, Northern Raven