February 19th, 2008

Tomorrow is International Harry Potter day!

I thought you all might be interested in this. I just copied and pasted what was sent to me, so just know that the excessive use of exclamation marks are not mine.

Hi all you HP Fan-atics,

I'm so hoping this will take off - February 20th -
'Universal Harry Potter Day'. I
would love to see ALL Harry Potter people 'in-garb'
ALL DAY LONG, meeting and greeting each other
'everywhere'. Now - I know that some of you cannot
wear cloaks and capes to work (drat!!) - luckily, I
CAN and WILL !!!! BUT, you CAN wear SOMETHING HP so
that, when you pass another HP 'person', you will
recognize each other and greet each other. AND, the
Muggles will recognize that you, not only LOVE
everything HP, but are not ashamed to show it -
especially on this day !!!!

We of 'The Group That Shall Not Be Named' (NYC's
largest HP Meet up group) and friends
WILL be going to dinner that evening, but I would love
to see HP people all day long - in the streets,
boulevards, subways, elevators, highways and byways,
country roads, ocean beaches, dirt roads - wherever in
the world you live - showing your UNITY with
Harry Potter !!!!!!!!!!!! And, first and foremost, a
celebration of the downfall of evil - in Harry's world
- and a plea for the downfall of evil in our world.

Much love to you all.

aka Celestial Warmbottom

Anyone else gonna do something special? I'm working on getting friends to go do stuff with me dress in wizard robes, but they're feeling reluctant.

If you want you can send in pictures of your awesome HP themed outfit to the myspace page which is going to feature all of the pictures sent in of people enjoying the day.