January 18th, 2008


Inter-house friends match

Want to have more HIH friends from other houses apart from your own? Want to promote school unity? Friendly little Puffs want to make friends with ambitious Snakes? Or courageous Gryffs wanting to team up with clever Claws to take over HIH? Or any other combination of houses...

YES? THEN, HERE'S A POST FOR YA! (Idea totally stolen from Lizzie from a couple of months back)

If you fill in that nice little form provided below, I will pair you up with someone NOT from your own house. Pairing will be based on who is already on your friends list. Pairings will be announced a week or two from now, assuming that is enough time for interested people to sign up. When you are paired up, just pop in to say hello, chat or add them as your friend. Hopefully you'll get a new inter-house friend! ^_^

-Comments are screened.
-I won't be pairing myself up because I'll feel like a kid in a candystore (pls don't ask). But I am open to be friends with anyone who asks.