December 17th, 2007

stephen fry, reading


Hi Everyone!
Okay, so as all (most) of you know, last weekend was Hogsmeade. Now, I'm sure many of you had a good time because that's the point, but also some people had an issue with some of the contests, mainly the ones that were not to be voted on by the general public. We're pretty sorry about that as the general idea in this community is that everyone votes on everything. That is how we roll. We've talked to the Hogsmeade mayor and docked points appropriately and everyone should be on the same page.
That brings us to our next issue. It had also been brought to our attention that Ravenclaw house was particularly unhappy about the whole of Hogsmeade weekend and were saying things (albeit in their own common room for the most part) that were mean. Because of this, a (kind of harsh, sorry about that guys) post was made in the common room telling them to not be mean. Also, an out-of-taste contest entry for Hogsmeade will have no-longer-won and we're going to continue looking for opportunities to dock points. We've got to get those mod perks in somewhere!
This vaguely brings us to our final issue. There have been rumors around HiH about cheating. By rumors I mean that people have said to me "I have heard from someone else that someone thinks that someone is cheating." If you truly think that someone is cheating, that is the wrong way to do it:
Right way:
You: I was looking at the spreadsheets and Sparklypoo has 200 top sorters for week x but if you look only 11 people sorted.
Me: I will check that out.
Wrong way:
You: I really don't like how well Sparklypoo is doing. They're probably cheating.
Me: Do you have any proof?
You: No.

See the difference? Spreading rumors or making journal posts speculating about it or whatever is really not getting you anywhere. We are glad to stop cheating. We are glad to because cheating is stupid. This is an online community, and it would be insane to try to actually cheat to get ahead. This is because cheating actually undermines the whole point of the community. (The point being having fun, by the way.) If you are cheating, you are trying way too hard.

Thank you for your time!

PS: Comments are screened, so you can ask any questions or whatever here.