November 21st, 2007

OPS: Reminder (#2)

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This is a reminder for everyone to get their submissions in for the OPS: Hagrid contest! It ends Sunday 6PM EST and I only have 7 entries! (oh noes!)


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Who's rich? You are!

Ok people. October knuts are in your vaults. Go shopping! Spend those knuts! Check for my mistakes!

That being said. Sorry for the delay in the knuts totals, Sas is a very busy person. But we all like her anyway~ Especially since she is giving extra 20 knuts for the delay ♥ I haven't put through any purchases yet but will get to it latest by tomorrow morning. I don't really want to deal with >50 purchases right now :)

There's always a list of people who have earned knuts in the past month yet don't own a vault. So, if your username is on the list below, please claim a vault HERE before December 10 or your knuts will be forfeited. You have to be a member of hh_diagon to view the entry. In fact, everybody should check the list in case of spelling mistakes and other little boo boos that I make.

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What's new in Diagon Alley?
(1) "Hogwarts: A history" - A new book in Flourish and Blotts that is important for students attending Hogwarts.
(2) Veritaserum - Find it in the Apotheracy! Extra points for Owl Post Secrets members!
(3) Black Music Robes - Extra points for Music club members if you buy this robe from Madam Malkins.

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