November 8th, 2007

TW - Jack - help!

Clubs co-mod and leaders!

Good day all fine citizens of Hogwarts is Home!!!

Clubs is after tasty tasty club leaders for the following:

Care of Magical Creatures
Dueling Club
Herbology Club
Music Club
Owl Post Secret
Sorters Anonymous
The Gregory the Smarmy Society
Transfiguration Club

The application can be found in the userinfo (helps keep everything in one place). Please, go apply! You need only have been a member 2 months! :D

Also, clubs is after something a bit newer...a co-mod! Basically since becoming HiH mod I lack time for most of the running of clubs, but it's still one of my favourite parts of HiH and I need someone to help run it!

Basically the job's not overly complicated, it just involves keeping an eye on club leaders, making sure registers are up-to-date, activities are ended, new ones are posted, and maybe informing club leaders of house changes!

If you're interested head over to the club leader application post and fill that in! (Seemed simpler this way! Just ignore questions that aren't applicable). :) I'll leave applications open til Saturday.

- sas // overwhelmed and working out knuts.

(Ah, and hogsmeade mayor will be announced soon!)