August 25th, 2007

guns!, lom

Last Application Reminder

And with a new list too!

New List

Gryffindor Prefect
Hogwartsicons (Hufflepuff representative)

As you can see it is much shorter than the old list. However, the positions are still important. Especially the first one, I wouldn't want to be the only prefect of a house and SOMEONE MIGHT BE if no one else applies. Scary thought.

So, you know, rules post and application post, feel free to apply for positions not on the list, etc, etc.

Voting for ~contested positions~ will go up tomorrow!
guns!, lom

Officials Icons

A new term is coming, which means we need new icons for the officials. Where do we get those? You, of course! Now is your time to shine. Open your favorite graphics program and make something pretty, sleek, shiny, cool, or dorky that we, as officials, will be able to use as our official icons for Term IX.

Here are the rules:
-You must follow all Livejournal size restrictions. If you can't use them on LJ, what's the point, right?
-You must turn in a sample of an icon for each house, meaning you'll hand in four samples.
-HiH is PG-13, so all icons must be appropriate for use in this community.
-Remember, if your icon wins the contest, it will be used by all of the officials within the HiH community. It will be your job to create each of the icons, and this sometimes means that you have to do one halfway through the term.

Icons will be accepted until midnight central time on Thursday, August 30 (Thursday night/Friday morning). I'll put them on separate server so they are anonymous, and the community will vote. If you have any questions, please ask. Otherwise, make your icons and drop them at this post.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ask away! All comments will be screened, since this is where the entries will be placed.

(sorry this is so late. I have been rather preoccupied with officials applications. Perhaps you've noticed.)