August 18th, 2007


Who wants to play Quidditch?

Bringing the Quidditch back!

Seen hh_quidditch? Take a peek at one of the old games.

Are you interested? If so, comment here! If we get at least 3 interested people from each house, we can bring Quidditch back this September! Some things will be a bit different, but the game play will be the same. And hopefully the fun will be the same! Quidditch was amazing fun.

But it can't happen if people aren't interested! We need three HiH members from each house - a total of 12 people - to express their interest right here. If we don't get those numbers, we can't bring Quidditch back now.

It's exciting! It's fun! It's a great way to spend time with fellow HiH folks. So say if you're interested! :-)

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