August 3rd, 2007

name - hp castle
  • nyreak


Just a few reminders about spoilers:
1) The community moderation will be lifted at midnight my time (U.S. Central time) tonight. Until then, things are still strictly moderated. This includes icons, sigtags, and comments.
2) Once the moderated posting is lifted, we still expect you to not use spoiler icons or sigtags within the community. Keep in mind that some folks are still reading, having been able to get the book, or something of that nature, so be considerate.
3) Also, once it is lifted, all spoilers still must be under an lj-cute, with a warning on the outside of the cut that there are spoilers beneath.

These rules will stay in effect until it has been 1 month since the book was released. After that, well, we'll reevaluate the situation.

(The "Mod-that-is-doing-her-best-to-not-be-a-Mod-unless-she's-really-needed-as-a-Mod" Mod.)

P.S. 60 points and 30 knuts for being a Top Sorter this week. Margo abandoned me for a few days, so I have to count and stamp all of those apps. Youch.

P.P.S. Looking into a few points things, but keep in mind that 1) people make mistakes, 2) sometimes things don't get turned in on time and 3) (my favorite) it is just an online community, folks. Pleeeeease relax and try to enjoy it for what it is.