June 28th, 2007



Wake up, you nitwits. WAKE UP! No, it's not Morning yet, but ... Hogwarts is being invaded. The professors are no where to be found. We have to fight!
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ATTENTION STUDENTS! As of now, Hogwarts is mine. All mine! Did I introduce myself? I am Lord Voldie- er, Voldemort. I AM the Headmaster of this school and you will do as you are ordered. Those of you prepared to offer tribute and receive your Dark Mark may come
to headmastervolde immediately. These students will find me a kind Overlord, until my fancy turns to killing them. Anyone who is not willing to earn their right to food and Dark Arts: report to the dungeons for experimentation with the Cruciatus Curse
stop burning bridges

More clips!

Now, these are some high-quality Order of the Phoenix clips, many of which I had never seen before. We've got the best Snape speech since first year Potions, thestrals, crazy!Bellatrix, and some godfather/godson bonding. I'm pretty sure I've never been more excited. There's one trailer and eleven new clips on this site, and I highly reccommend you give them a look.

Find them here.