January 23rd, 2007

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Tonight is the LAST NIGHT for submitting things for this week's Prophet! I'll be running around like a CRAZY PERSON tomorrow morning gathering links and things, but if you have anything special (READ: Sorting Logs, In-House things that I don't have access to, etc etc), PLEASE submit those HERE. A brief description and a linky is all I need. :) Otherwise, I'll just put what I find in there. O.o

Thanks all!

Ooooh! eagle

Shutterbug Society January Contest!!

Hey, everyone! Please don't forget to participate in this month's contest by looking through your photo collection (or taking a new one) to see if you've got anything to enter in our Wizarding Villages contest!

It's right over here! You've got 'til Friday night to dig up something good! Or, take a neat photo... (;

Grazie! :)