September 23rd, 2006



Hello all, this is your friendly voting mod speaking!
A couple of things:
1) Both bringtheirony and mauvais_pli have elaborated on their applications. If you gave them a "no vote" you may want to reconsider. (Or maybe you still want to no vote, whatever.) If you do re-vote, remember to delete your old no-vote please.

2) If you no voted for someone it DOES count as a vote unless you've changed it (in which case the new vote counts), so don't worry. Also, if someone gets a majority of no votes, they get asked to reapply, in case you were wondering.

3) If you voted and forgot to sign it, PLEASE delete your vote and revote with the signature. Please don't just leave it sigatureless. It makes me very sad to not be able to give people points for votes. Very sad indeed.

4)Please don't respond to other people's votes. When you vote, just respond to the comment for your house. Try to make sure that the comment that you are replying to is not the vote from someone else in your house instead of the house comment. (If you accidently do that, and it's easy to make that mistake, just delete your comment and repost it correctly.)

That is all for now! Have a good weekend everyone! Happy new year! Dance in the rain if it is raining near you like it is raining here!