September 8th, 2006

name - hp castle
  • nyreak

New way to Sort!

We're going to try something new this week, and if it goes over well, it'll be the way we sort from now on. If it goes smoothly, it should help the voting mod (margalite) to count up the points for each house in a way that's a bit easier, as well as helping out the prefects and co-prefects of each house in trying to figure out their top sorters. It's important that you guys pay close attention and follow the directions, or it won't work!

What's going to happen is this: When Margo puts up an application, she's going to add four comments immediately. DO NOT VOTE UNTIL SHE HAS ADDED THIS COMMENTS. They will be as follows:

Gryffindor Votes.
Hufflepuff Votes.
Ravenclaw Votes.
Slytherin Votes.

If you are a member of Gryffindor, you will reply to the comment that says 'Gryffindor Votes', Puffs to the 'Hufflepuff votes', etc. I'll do an example of this in the comments here so you can see what we mean. Yes, the votes will collapse, but it will be fine, as all the prefect or voting mod will need to do is click on the 'view thread' link to see all of the votes listed there. The important thing is that people need to reply ONLY to the comment made by Margo under the votingmod, and not to one another. Make sense? If you aren't sure exactly, have a look in the comments and you'll see how it will work.

Prefects, please pass this info on to your housemates and/or link them to this post. We're really hoping this will make things easier for all of us!

Also, remember these things when voting:
1. Always sign with your name and house or your vote will not count.
2. Using either a sigtag OR an icon to show your house pride gives your house an extra point. So, if you vote and sign with your name and house, you get one point. Using a house pride icon or sigtag as well means you get two points per vote.
3. Do not reply to anyone else's votes , and if the applicant replies to you, do not reply back. The voting mod will remind the applicant that they aren't supposed to be having conversations within the votes.