January 9th, 2006

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The New Officials of the Term!

Now announcing all of this term's Officials!! Congratulations to all the newcomers, and if you could, please e-mail Bunny at bunny.district@gmail.com to get your Officials packet!

There is a new Officials community, hih_officials that all of the officials should join! Please remember, Club Leaders are not 'Officials' who need to join the community (else it would get pretty crowded!)

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Amy / Ravenclaw / Mod
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Announcing, the hogwartsishome Quidditch Lineup for Term 4!

Gryffindor - orangebaroness
Hufflepuff - beanpop
Ravenclaw - ciara_belle
Slytherin - possibilities

Chasers - orangebaroness, clevermonikerr (not a freakin' clue how I missed that?)
Beaters - evening_star
Keeper - omgsirius
Seeker - industrikitty
Alternates - lairen_shadow

Chasers - possibilities, sadisticsquirl, i_heart_spoons
Beaters - butterbuns
Seeker - fyrefaerie

Chasers - memyselfandi87, shadowkiten87
Beaters - angelofstrange, sandygurl_31
Seeker - beanpop
Keeper - wrenifer
Alternates - astranyx

Chasers - ciara_belle, getaway_machine
Seeker - fujiidom
Keeper - bethyss18
Alternates - jane85, harl

All new team members should head over and join hh_quidditch and their respective locker rooms: slythlockerroom, gryfflockerroom, clawlockerroom, and pufflockerroom.

There will be a few changes for this new term. Captains, please email me at takarak84@aim.com ASAP. We will discuss further what will be going on this term, then I will make a post to hh_quidditch detailing the changes.

Thanks, and congratulations!