December 29th, 2005

Josie loves Alan M

Even as the sun shines for some, the day ends for others.

I find it my duty not only as one of four mods of hogwartsishome, but as a friend, a sister, and a student, to inform you all of a sad event that has befallen one of our community's former members. For those who have been here for awhile, you may know who I am speaking about (you may even have been close to her), and for those who haven't... please feel free to read and remember with us.

tigersalamander passed away on Christmas Day. Nina was my little sister, my protege' in many ways. I'm sure that many of you who did know Nina would have wanted to be able to say goodbye, however, I just found out tonight. I'll have you guys know a few things about Nina.

Nina was a bright, bold young girl... a Gryffinclaw to the very core... at times too brash for her own good, and at times too smart for her own good, which is often a very lethal combination. She was more a leader than a follower, stronger than anyone I had the fortunate circumstance to know, and more able than many. Nina was both blessed and cursed with a very fatal form of cancer, called Juvenile Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. When she found out what exactly she had... the revelation came with a 20% chance of living through October 2006. She didn't make it more than two months later.

Nina was, as I said, one of the strongest people I've ever had grace my presence. I got to talk to her on the phone once. Nina was a hilariously funny Jewish French girl, with a beatiful French accent and the most witty way of saying things. Whenever we'd talk, we'd talk about the third sister in our trio, Juppy, aka giove_dea, and instead of pronouncing the 'J' in Juppy, she would waltz right through it.

The last thing that I really learned about Nina was that she never wanted to be treated like an invalid or a cancer patient. That was what she loved about hogwartsishome in her heyday. She could be herself, regardless of how cocky, funny, or loving that was. Nina was bluntly honest to a fault, but it made her ever so much more respectful to me, because she wasn't about to water things down. And she loved this community.

I know that in Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore graces the students of Hogwarts with a stirring speech about Cedric Diggory, about how he was good and kind, and unfairly taken from the students' midst because he strayed across the wrong path. Instead of trying to compound that... let me borrow a bit, with my own small twist. Nina was a good and kind person... with her own strength that radiated from her into others. She knew the demon she was fighting, and she knew that she didn't have much of a chance. Yet, through it all, she still LIVED. She was still honest. Yeah... Remember Nina. Be honest, strong, and brave... because she was... and she faced so much more.

Rest in Peace, tigersalamander, aka Nina Cohen.

April 14, 1989 - December 25, 2005

Feel free to post here with any comments about what you remember about Nina, want others to remember... whatever. This is our memorial to you, Ninny... wherever you are, Little Sis, I hope you're watching.

P.S.: I know there are a few former members reading this... I wanted to extend a hand of friendship and a shoulder to lean on... because I know that EVERYONE lost someone in this... not just us... not just you guys... and if you want to comment to this post, please let me know at I'd be more than happy to allow it.